Willem-Alexander about kingship: ‘Difficult to bind together’

During the press conference on Friday in the garden of Huis ten Bosch Palace, Willem-Alexander was asked how he looks back on those 3000 days and what he might want to do differently in the coming 3000 days. In any case, bonding has become more difficult. The king agreed. “There are some themes that are just so polarized that it’s really tricky to tie together, but it’s also an increasingly beautiful challenge.”

According to Queen Máxima, the greater division also underlines the importance of being a binder. “The need to bind together only increases because of this”, the king agreed. However, he gave no guarantee that he would succeed. He couldn’t say whether he would act differently in the next 3000 days.

The three core tasks remain, but Willem-Alexander hopes that the next 3000 days will be the same as the first 2500. “The last 500 have really been substantially different”, he referred to his energetic start and the adjustments that the corona crisis eventually imposed. It is therefore difficult, he said, to say what the next 3000 days will bring.]

Source: ANP

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