Will there be a place for Lady Gaga in the new Joker?

The film journalist appreciated the acting skills of the outrageous singer.

How appropriate Lady Gaga will look in the sequel to the Joker, director David Shneiderov said.

Recently, journalists learned that the singer is in talks with Warner Bros. According to rumors, the celebrity may appear in the Todd Phillips film in the image of Harley Quinn.

The director and film journalist David Shneiderov thought about whether Lady Gaga could play the Joker’s girlfriend. In his opinion, since the artist was made such an offer, it means that the authors of the project are confident in his success with this star.

“It seems to me that Lady Gaga has demonstrated enough of her very good acting skills. It all depends on the director. And if the director sees the performer of this role in the actor, then it will certainly work out. Suffice it to recall the story of the film Evita, when Madonna herself wrote a letter to Alan Parker, explained why she should play Eva Duarte, and Parker never regretted taking her. I think why not. It seems to me that “Joker” is good because there are not exclusively gloomy characters,” summed up David Shneiderov in an interview with PopCornNews.

It is worth noting that Todd Phillips has already worked with Lady Gaga. The director made the film A Star Is Born, where the singer played the main role. So he is sure that celebrities can do this image.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Anna Skvortsova Anna Kochetkova



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