The consequences of their own successes threaten to develop into a real problem at FC St. Pauli. The fact that the Kiezklub has as many national players in its ranks as probably never before and that they regularly have to do without them during training during their international trips, had a negative effect on the 0: 4 (0: 4) in Darmstadt for the third time.

It all started in mid-September with the 0: 1 in Hanover, continued despite the 4: 2 success in Heidenheim and became obvious to everyone on Saturday. “Basically, we have to ask ourselves why we overslept the first half every time we come out of the international break,” said Timo Schultz thoughtfully. It is a special situation when some players are missing. “Maybe next time we will change the routine so that we first take time off and then train. And you can also see that we are a team that really trains, has to prepare for an opponent. ”If you only start the final preparation on Thursday,“ then we’re missing something. The people of Darmstadt took advantage of this mercilessly ”.

Was the St. Pauli gossip in Darmstadt due to insufficient game preparation?

However. When Tietz (6th), Manu (29th) and Pfeiffer (39th, 41st) scored, Hamburg revealed deficits in all necessary areas. “We were always one step too slow, with our legs and our heads,” criticized Schultz, who had warned urgently in advance of exactly the things that would happen anyway. “Football is easy sometimes,” he said. “Darmstadt played a great game, developed standards and opportunities. But it’s not that something caught us unprepared. ”The lilies were especially superior in direct duels. “And then you lose a game, you don’t need to talk about tactics, formations or processes.”

St. Pauli coach Schultz does not believe in the break-in after the 0: 4 in Darmstadt

The players are very self-critical. You have to be careful not to overpacify in this area. You have to work up the game, of course, but watch Wednesday at the latest from Monday, “because the Darmstadt game and the points, nobody will bring them back”. The 44-year-old is not worried about any long-term consequences. “I think that our season so far has been so solid, so stable that we don’t have to worry about it.”

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Rather, explained Schultz, the defeat fit into a category created by sports psychologists with the title “valuable defeat. I would like to sort it out there. ”The game in the drawer would not be lonely, even the Hanover game“ brought us forward extremely, because afterwards we addressed a few basic things, also in our way of thinking ”. And maybe we can now draw the right conclusions from the Darmstadt debacle and take steps forward again. “Above all, we have to ensure that we become sharper in our heads by Wednesday,” concluded Schultz. “We know that we can kick and defend.”

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