Will the Chiefs vs Buccaneers game be in Minneapolis?

Munich/Tampa Bay – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cannot do any normal preparation this week for the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Due to Hurricane Ian, the Bucs have to move to Miami. Ian, which has now made landfall on Florida’s west coast, may also move over Tampa Bay in the near future. In Miami, the Buccaneers already use the Dolphins’ training facilities.

Game move to Minneapolis is in the room

Depending on how much damage the hurricane will cause, the top game will also be postponed. However, as of now, the NFL plans to host the game at Raymond James Stadium.

If the match cannot take place at the Buccaneers’ home stadium, a venue in the north is planned. As the NFL has officially confirmed, US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis will serve as a standby stadium if the game needs to be moved. A decision will be made later this week. The two arenas are a three-hour flight apart.

The stadium in Minneapolis is free because the Minnesota Vikings play their game against the New Orleans Saints in London this weekend.

A game had to be postponed last season due to a hurricane. The Saints had to postpone the 2021 season opener against the Green Bay Packers (38:3) to Jacksonville.

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