The Puerto Rican singer Wilkins released his new album “Masterpiece” after five years of work.

In this context, the artist spoke with Chain 3 and he talked about how he is living the quarantine and what his creative process is like.

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“This is a great opportunity to change, to reactivate what makes us happy and to discard what has not served us,” the artist said of the quarantine.

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For the moment, released two singles from his new job: “She” and “Airtight”.

“‘Ella’ is one of the most significant themes of the album. I wrote it in recent years and it is dedicated to women and love. What love makes us men live. Launch it in a moment of serenity, where we are all in the middle of the quarantine, it makes necessary feelings emerge, “he said.

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For the artist, the song “Hermetic” is for “all women in the world”.

“The video was filmed in my house and you see my gray hair, short hair. But one has to dare to live through the stage that is his or her turn. You see more freshness and I bet on the beauty that has to be original,” he said.

With the quarantine, Wilkins -like many artists- they bet on communication online with his followers.

“Today, the entire industry is online. The first thing we have done is strengthen my social networks and platforms because there is direct communication with people, “she said.

In addition, he noted that he feels very good about his appearance and that he cares about his audience.

“You have to take care of yourself in life. I have taken care of myself. When you have been singing for many years, and you have the favor of people, especially in successes, you have to have respect and be grateful. It all starts with the physical”, he explained.

Wilkins is married to Patricia, a Cordoba woman, who was stranded in Argentina when she came to visit in January.

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“I was there – in Córdoba – filming a documentary and she stayed a few more days. When I had to return, they declared quarantine. We have not seen each other for five months. I am alone, from time to time I run away and I go to see my mother who has 92 years, but I have learned that when life puts you against the wall, you bring out the best in you. It is the result of this quarantine. This makes us see all the good things, “he explained.

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