UPDATE: FNG wants deferment of payment for Dutch activities, bankruptcy filing for Brantano

An unannounced strike is in progress at some twenty to thirty Brantano stores in Belgium, says union ACV Puls. The chain is part of the ailing fashion group FNG, also the parent company of Miss Etam and Steps, among others.

“The boiling point has been reached among the staff,” union leader Sven De Scheemaeker told RetailNews. “Due to the weeks of uncertainty. What future does Brantano have in Belgium and what future does FNG have at all? Are we heading for bankruptcy or a restart? Or will there be a sale? We have not received answers to all those questions for weeks. staff today decided to send a strong signal: the measure is full. ” According to De Scheemaeker, the staff wants an answer by Friday, just before the bargain period starts in Belgium.

The immediate reason for the wild strike is that the staff have already received a salary overview. Normally, this only comes at the end of the year. “That it is already happening is very exceptional. It makes everyone fear for an imminent bankruptcy.”

De Scheemaeker does not know how long the strike will last and what exactly its consequences will be. According to him, there are also ordinary people at work, because they do not see the need for it. Others say they will not resume work until they receive an answer. A third group wants to send a strong signal today and plans to get back to work on Thursday.

The FNG spokesperson was not available on Wednesday afternoon.

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