Wild rumor about George and Amal Clooney

In this regard, however, one can probably give the all-clear. The supposedly separate bedrooms of the Hollywood star and the lawyer are said to have a fairly unexcited cause. Rumor has it that George Clooney snores terribly. And otherwise the 60-year-old is a “very restless sleeper.”

Although a separation is not in the room, the night-time problems of her husband Amal Clooney are still a burden.

“Amal is tired of him tossing and turning and keeping her up all night. It’s become unbearable,” a source told the tabloid. In addition, Clooney would recently listen to podcasts to fall asleep. He should let it run all night, which should make his wife mad. For this reason, the couple would have gotten into the habit of sleeping separately. “So they don’t fight,” the insider said.


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