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The calls Hazing to humiliate new players is common on school football teams. But what happened in recent months at the prestigious Mater Dei Catholic High School in the Californian city of Santa Ana went too far.

According to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Orange County, A Mater Dei High School football player was beaten in the team’s locker room last February, during which he was brutally beaten by an older player, suffering dangerous cuts to the eye region, a broken nose and a worrying brain injury.

A Southern California News Group investigation reveals that the hazing in which the incident occurred on February 4, the 5-9 foot, 175-pound young man accepted the call to engage in a torso punching duel – above the hips and below the shoulders – called “Bodies” against a 50 pound heavier player.

Although the ritual is supposed to consist of hitting only the torso until one of the two young men cannot continue, the injured young man received multiple treacherous blows to the head without any of the witnesses intervening. Later, the team’s medical staff ignored the player’s injuries and delayed informing his family.

The lawsuit indicates that the foregoing was due to the Santa Ana school trying to minimize the incident so as not to tarnish its reputation. Mater Dei, one of the greatest American football powers nationwide, will play this Friday for the championship of his region in Southern California.

Mater Dei’s coach said there is no hazing at his school

To make things even more serious, the coach of the Mater Dei team, Bruce Rollinson, denied to the Santa Ana Police investigators the existence of “hazing” at the school, but in a conversation with the father of the injured young man a day after the beating he told him that “if they gave me $ 100 for every time these boys play ‘Bodies’ or ‘Slappies’, I would be a millionaire,” according to court documents SCNG reported.

In addition, the 32-year-old coach told the abused young man’s father that the player who hit him is the son of a volunteer team coach, so his hands were tied in terms of imposing discipline on the aggressor.

The lawsuit of the young man’s family – whose name was not released because he was a minor – is against Mater Dei High School and also the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.

Mater Dei, the largest Roman Catholic high school west of the Mississippi, has produced many football players for the NCAA, including several who made it to the NFL.

Bryce Young, current Alabama quarterback who is a favorite to win the Heisman Trophy, is a Mater Dei graduate.


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