Wiarda wants to know: This is the summit

Wiarda wants to know: This is the summit

The discrepancy could not be greater. In the traffic light coalition agreement, the SPD, Greens and FDP announced an education summit with the following words: “We want to work together to ensure that every child has the same opportunity for development and realization. To this end, we will convene an education summit at which the federal, state, local authorities, science and civil society will agree on new forms of cooperation and common, ambitious educational goals.”

And now what will take place on Tuesday: a 15-minute impulse by the Federal Minister of Education, then a scientific lecture on educational justice and finally two panel discussions, labeled as “top-level talks on education policy”, with ministers of education, association representatives and various school stakeholders. This is followed by the educational research conference that takes place regularly. The public rescue of educational federalism in one morning.

That doesn’t mean the event has to be a flop. But a real “education summit” would have required at least the participation and commitment of the Federal Chancellor and Prime Minister, as it did 15 years ago in Dresden. Especially since the 2008 result was not as bad as is often claimed. Only because the federal and state governments agreed on quantifiable goals at the time could they later be accused of not having achieved them or only partially achieved them.

Jan-Martin Wiarda is a journalist for education and lives in Berlin. On his blog he comments on current events in schools and universities.

Example of school dropouts: Their share was not halved by 2015, but was reduced from eight to six percent. Example day-care center care rate of under three-year-olds: It should go up from 20 to 35 percent, it was almost 33 percent.

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Countering the excessive ambitions of the coalition agreement with the exact opposite is not expectation management, but allows those involved to ask the question of meaning. Hopefully the “summit” can answer them.

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