Why will being a determined woman help you attract healthy relationships?

Why will being a determined woman help you attract healthy relationships?




Having an attitude similar to the female protagonists of movies causes attraction. But it is also that, according to a survey of a dating application, that determined way of being and being of women has stopped scaring men and it is a fundamental tool to attract relationships of healthy couple.

The determined woman with a leading role in his life is very attractive...

The determined woman with a leading role in his life is very attractive to men, according to a study by adopte.Getty. TELVA.

“If it scares them”, “Too much woman for him”, “Men are out of place”… do any of these phrases ring a bell? Surely you have heard them at some point in reference to the feeling that a man can feel before a woman whom he perceives to be strong, superior or, at least, with things very clear. Is it really (or is it still) so? Or is it something that we (men and women) have already overcome and be yourself can help you attract quality relationships?

Being the main character in your movie will make good things happen to you.

In English it is called Main Character Energy , is how the energy transmitted in a film by an actress who has the leading role is described. She interprets better or worse; tell a happy or sad story; of success or loss, just perceiving that she is the protagonist gives her a special sexy halo. It is the conclusion reached by the psychologists of the dating app Adopt (formerly known as ‘AdoptaUnTo’) founded by French entrepreneurs Manuel Rabbit and Florent Steiner. This dating application ensures that its male users confess to feeling very attracted when a woman overflows with energy hero.

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According to the study developed by this company, it will be (and show you) how protagonist of your life it is very different from the exhibition and the empty ‘postureo’ that we frequently find in social networks. “It is not an exercise in narcissism, but rather taking control of your life to live it intensely while maintaining attentive and empathetic relationships with your environment. While a secondary character lets life pass by, a leading character takes action and gain autonomy”, they explain.

On the other hand, having such a self-confident attitude does not mean that problems do not occur, but it does make good things happen, something that we have already heard from the “influencer psychiatrist” of the moment Marian Rojas Estap, who has a book precisely titled ‘How to make good things happen to you’, in which he explains that if we put our own abilities to work for the task of procuring a full existence, with large doses of effort, it will be that attitude (when there is deep work) that will to a great extent I will make things happen. “When you become the protagonist of your life, you feel that you are valuable and that everything good can happen to you. So much so that those around you feel attracted to this flow of receptivity, optimism and security,” they say from Adopte, who ensures that your app prioritizes intuition and (digital) feeling over algorithms.

Advantages of being a determined woman in a relationship

Being clear about things and wanting to eat the world, as you adopt, drives away behaviors as toxic as the ghosting of social networks. Above all because if the answer to being and showing yourself how the protagonist of your life is what causes the other to run away, that hua is the best thing that could have happened to you to understand what kind of person you had in front of you. Speaking colloquially: “he is doing you a favor by running away”, because the best weapon on a first date is to be yourself, as our communication expert Aurora Michavila explained to us this week in her fun and practical videos.

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According to the adopte study, being and showing yourself as a leading woman will bring all these advantages to your relationship:

  • It’s spread fun, the desire to live and good vibes
  • The energy overwhelming does not get carried away by the routine
  • Los small problems They are approached with confidence and empathy without affecting the couple
  • One is cultivatedself-esteem healthy that does not outshine those around you
  • takes the honesty by flag; both with others and with himself.

She is the female protagonist that we like to see as the protagonist in a movie, but that apparently they increasingly like to see more and more in real life.

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