Ho Chi Minh City: The free trade agreement is a knighthood for Vietnam.
Image: Reuters

Three years ago, it did not look like it, but now Europeans and Vietnamese are doing free trade – and are thus setting a needle-stitch against China.

ÜFor weeks, “Patient 91” has been a symbol of Vietnam’s victory over the corona crisis. The doctors and nurses at the Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City cared for him for more than two months – then Stephen Cameron was allowed back to his Scottish homeland. The recovered pilot enjoyed the hospitality of Vietnam when he got sick there. In return, his healing became a symbol of the country’s resilience, which Corona had gotten under control like no other.

Christoph Hein

Christoph Hein

Business correspondent for South Asia / Pacific based in Singapore.

Until last weekend. As a result, the new airport in Da Nang temporarily sank into chaos: Because more than 80,000 people should and wanted to leave the coastal city as quickly as possible. Da Nang suffered from the Corona outbreak. Rumors fluttered that the Chinese who had illegally crossed the 1100 km long border had brought in the plague. The stock index lost a good 8 percent in value. The government of the tightly organized country restarted the apparatus that had protected the people in spring and preserved the country’s reputation.