This is due to the arrival of European officials in Kiev

Ukraine decided to cease fire on the border with DonbassФото: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

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Yuri Vladimirovich Cat, the leader of the movement of Russian Ukrainians “Parus” commented on the decision Of Ukraine cease fire in Donbass… In a radio interview “TVNZ” he stressed that this step was welcome and reciprocal.

“Mutually why? Because obviously some kind of behind-the-scenes, behind-the-scenes body movements are taking place, which we can only guess about, when Ukraine became the initiator and was actively involved in this process. Do you remember a week ago Zelensky said that it is necessary to study the Minsk agreements seriously and in detail? That is, for 5 years, having signed these agreements, they have been trying to shout that they will not fulfill them, but here they decided to study them, ”said Kot.

He noted that Ukraine took this step, relying on the opinion Europe, which gave an unambiguous signal that it was time to cease fire.

“Actually, probably, this is connected with the arrival of high-ranking European officials in Ukraine this week. Obviously, these agreements are quite complex, very burdensome, primarily for the Kiev, for Ukraine. But I think there is a chance now. It is, of course, small. Because it is one thing to come to an agreement, and another thing to fulfill the agreements, ”said the leader of Parus.

Recall that the commander of the combined forces Sun. Ukraine ordered a ceasefire in the Donbas. Since July 27, the DPR and LPR will enter the regime of an indefinite cessation of hostilities.


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