Why there will soon be giant trees from the Netherlands in Aigen

Three times there and back

Plane tree unloaded in the city of Salzburg

Published: May 08, 2023 3:13 pm

Around twenty trees are currently being replanted in the Salzburg district of Aigen after they had to give way for a construction project. Among them are three giant plane trees from the Netherlands with a diameter of 51 centimeters.

Around two dozen trees had to give way when the excavators rolled into Ernst-Grein-Strasse in the Salzburg district of Aigen this year. A house is being built there, and the public sidewalk is also to be expanded. But what is felled in the city of Salzburg must be replaced according to the Tree Protection Ordinance. Some of the plants are imported from the Netherlands. “The city cannot tell anyone where to buy their trees,” explains Karl Schupfer from the city’s information center in an interview with SALZBURG24. The ordinance only stipulates that trees that were healthy at the time of felling must be replanted and that the replacement trees must have a trunk diameter of at least seven centimeters.

Giant trees as a “sensation”

A total of three of the newly planted trees are huge specimens and have a diameter of 51 centimeters and a trunk circumference of 160 centimeters. “There are no such trees in Austria, which is why we bought them in the Netherlands,” says Bernd Berger from Gastenbau Berger in the S24 interview. “It’s actually a sensation for us and we’re proud that we’re allowed to plant such trees,” says Berger, praising the client’s plan.

The first giant tree reached its destination in Aigen this morning. After unloading the plane tree, it’s back to the Netherlands to pick up the next tree.

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(Source: SALZBURG24)

Accessed on May 10, 2023 at 2:19 am at https://www.salzburg24.at/news/salzburg/stadt/warum-in-aigen-bald-riesen-baeume-aus-den-niederlanden-standing-138435028

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