Why Sergio Massa benefits Mauricio Macri and complicates Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in Together for Change

After the failure of Alberto Fernández’s experiment as a “dove” of Kirchnerism, now the Frente de Todos launches a second version, perfected, of political centrality focused on a moderate and anti-rift Peronist. The landing of Serge Massa in the National Cabinet as a minister he comes to occupy the center space that he has been building Horacio Rodriguez Larreta to overcome the antinomies and become a consensus presidential candidate within Together for Change.

Two scenarios now open. Both seem equally delicate for the aspirations of the head of the Buenos Aires Government in 2023. If Serge Massa things are going well for him and he manages to stabilize the macroeconomy, through a brake on the exchange rate run, a decrease in the inflation rates and the recomposition of confidence in the government coalition, then Peronism will once again have a competitive candidate for the presidential next year. In Kirchnerist jargon, there will be 2023 for the Frente de Todos.



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