Why sailor Isabelle Joschke almost capsized

LSlowly, slowly, Isabelle Joschke tries to reach the coast of Brazil. The city of Salvador de Bahia is your destination. With a cruising speed of six to eight knots, she comes closer to that. The sailors are dependent on the forces of nature, sometimes it can be cruel to them, for example to her.

On January 10, she had to give up because the main hydraulic cylinder on the keel fin broke during heavy gusts of wind in the South Atlantic. A few days earlier she had made a makeshift repair, in vain. As a result, the keel was no longer centered and Joschke could not continue. But the problem is not gone, it is difficult to keep the boat straight and Joschke is still out at sea. Every storm is a danger to them. In the last few days she has only narrowly escaped a disaster, her boat almost capsized. “The mast was already in the water,” she told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Joschke still has a big task ahead of him, even though she is no longer in the race. “I have to make sure to keep the boat as flat as possible,” she wrote on Instagram on Wednesday. “If the boat leans sharply, the keel sways under the wind and increases this lean”. If that happens again – then she could get into a vicious circle.

Joschke is like a high wire artist who tries not to fall off the narrow rope. You can keep your yacht flat thanks to the foils and the shape of the boat – it is quite wide. You try to avoid vibrations. “I’m on my guard all the time,” she writes. “In order to preserve the boat, we must definitely prevent the keel from moving too much and therefore avoid impacts, lurching or swaying.”

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While Joschke is busy with it, the leading group is preparing for the final. After you have passed Cape Horn, you still have to overcome the calm winds of the Azores. In the Bay of Biscay there will be a finale close to you. “It will be the most incredible week of all the Vendée Globe Finals. All six or seven boats can come close together, ”said Herrmann on Thursday.

The French Charlie Dalin is currently leading the group, Boris Herrmann sailing about 77 nautical miles behind him on Thursday, followed by Thomas Ruyant and Louis Burton. “I feel good. It’s good for morale to be second, even if it doesn’t mean much at the moment. ”It is still difficult to predict who will be the first to reach the port in Les Sables-d’Olonne. It will not be the sailor Joschke – it is planned that she will reach Salvador de Bahia on Monday morning, Brazilian time.

The Vendée Globe is considered the toughest regatta for single-handed sailors. It began on November 8th on the French Atlantic coast and leads around the globe along the Southern Ocean. Boris Herrmann is the first German to take part.