Why moving will cost you more in 2022

Why moving will cost you more in 2022

Are you planning to move in 2022? The surge in fuel prices combined with that of raw materials will weigh heavily on your budget.

Bad news for the three million French people who choose to move every year. In 2022, changing accommodation costs on average 5% more than last year, reports RTL. Like the others, the removals sector is suffering from the rise in fuel prices. More expensive truck journeys to which must be added a surge in the price of cardboard. “The book box is the most obvious case of increase. We went from 1 euro to 1.30 euro. After above, we have the standard box, which was at 1.90 euro and now it is 2 euros. If it continues to increase, I do not see how we are going to do it, “says a professional to RTL.

25% increase for a Paris-La Rochelle move

For a move from Paris to La Rochelle, for example, you have to pay an average of 700 euros more than a few months ago. “It’s a move that should have cost around 2,800 euros including tax, and there, it will cost around 3,400, 3,500 euros,” said Alain Touitou, director of Déménagement Blanchard et Fils on France 2. An increase of 25% in the space of a few months. The phenomenon is likely to worsen in the coming weeks as the peak moving season looms. As a reminder, half of the changes of residence in France take place between June and September.

To lower the (very) high bill, several solutions exist. Take advantage of the opportunity to do a huge sorting through your belongings and thus take a less bulky and therefore less expensive truck. Regarding the boxes, go around the shops in your city or village and ask them to put you aside. In view of the current price of cardboard, this is a good lever for saving money. If you can, avoid at all costs moving in the summer when demand is greatest and prices soar. Also check with your employer to find out if you can benefit from a helping hand. Finally, take the time to compete to get the best quote possible.

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