Why Mourinho had a microphone before the outburst on Chiffi: the reason

Why Mourinho had a microphone before the outburst on Chiffi: the reason

by Simone Golia In his outburst against referee Chiffi after Monza-Roma, Jos Mourinho revealed that he had brought a microphone with him to the bench: To protect himself The Italian coaches are on the side of the referees, without ifs and buts, indeed, without Mou.., I would like to comment. But there’s not much to joke about, quite the contrary!. The president of Assoallenatori, Renzo Ulivieri, comments with harsh words what happened Wednesday night, after the match in Monza-Roma, regarding the statements of the Giallorossi coach towards the referee Chiffi and not only: Jos Mourinho’s statements are serious and unacceptable. In particular, admitting that he went to the bench with a microphone to record the conversations between him and the refereeing group, justifying a choice he defined as defensive, foreshadows, even as a mere hypothesis, an action that undermines the foundations of the entire system, in a kind of all against all. Respectability and guarantees for each member must be ensured by the bodies in charge. Why did Mourinho go on the bench with a microphone? Away with suspicions and doubts, then. What was most striking about Mourinho’s outburst, perhaps even more so than the very severe judgment on Chiffi (the poorest referee I’ve ever seen in his career) and the dig at Roma (he doesn’t have enough power to say “no, this referee we don’t want it” as other teams do) was precisely the reference to the recorder secretly brought to the bench. To protect himself, this is how the Special One explained his gesture. On 28 February last, on the occasion of Cremonese-Roma, the Portuguese had also found himself involved in another soap opera, in which he was the protagonist together with referee Serra, that evening near his bench as fourth official. The latter, following a protest from the coach, asked for his expulsion and obtained it, unleashing Mourinho’s wrath: I’m not crazy, if I reacted in a certain way it means that something serious happened. Now I want to know if I can take legal steps. From there a whole debate about what Serra had said to Mou enough to make him lose control. The FIGC prosecutor therefore found itself having to reconstruct the question and answer between the two based on any testimonies. Mourinho referred precisely to the recordings, however running into two problems: the communications of the fourth official are recorded only when he himself opens the microphone and there is no obligation to record them nor consequently that of making them available. Hence the idea of ​​himself carrying a microphone hidden on the bench and the Non sono scemo which recalls the Non sono un idiot of Interista memory. May 4, 2023 (change May 4, 2023 | 18:30) © REPRODUCTION RESTRICTED

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