Mariana De Melo broke up. A couple of months ago, the brunette who knew how to be a vedette in several plays and participated in television programs cut her relationship with José Fortunato, an important businessman who gave her the life of a princess in Nordelta (there she stayed living in a mansion and this weekend she was able to ride her bike).

With pride touched, she did not want to show her face and did not answer the questions of Paparazzi, which he did more than a week ago. In those days, it was even known that her partner decided to leave her temporarily because “He fell in love with someone else.” And also that “they came to stop living under the same roof”.

De Melo’s silence was only broken this weekend, when Angel de Brito published in his Instagram stories the information that was from Paparazzi. “Is Mariana de Melo separated?”, They Asked.

He took the words of this medium and confirmed that the husband cheated on her with another woman, in what looked like a story very similar to that of Fernando Gago and Gisela Dulko. “Yes, the husband was cheating on her and they separated”, Angel said.

However, a few hours later, the brunette contacted the LAM driver and said her thing. “They are saying everywhere that I separated from my husband. It is not true, we are together! I do not know where they got that from, please deny it”, He told him in a chat via WhatsApp that Angel himself showed.

“I never spoke to anyone. You are the first journalist to speak,” he added, who knew how to live in Europe when he fell in love with defender José Luis Fernández, who played for Estudiantes de La Plata as a defender.

There De Melo was untrue: she spoke at least a couple of opportunities with journalists from this medium (you can see it in the images) and asked not to answer the questions of the moment. “And there is also evidence that they stopped living. He wants to cover the sun with his hands. But the best thing is to leave it alone ”, said a person around him.

What a scandal!

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