why it worries and what effects it has on our well-being

Insomnia has now been classified as a serious pathology, which has important negative effects on our psycho-physical well-being: this is what it entails.

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If someone thinks that losing a night or two of sleep is a trivial matter, they may have never experiencedinsomnia. It is now a real one pathology, the subject of several studies by scientists and experts from around the world. It creates so many, too many problems, e it should not be underestimated. Insomnia worries and with its effects also affects our well-being, both in terms physical that psychologicalconsiderably complicating our actions and our life not only at night, when in fact we can’t sleepbut at the same time it does not allow us to remain lucid during the next day because, in fact, we have hours of sleep and to retrieve. This is why, we repeat, insomnia should not be underestimated but rather, treated as one disease with respect to which it is necessary to apply all the necessary precautions and attentions.

To put it very briefly, insomnia is that physical and psychological state in which, during the night, one cannot sleep. She often she remains in a wakeful sleep, unable to take that “step” towards sleep itself. There may be several reasons: stressl’anxietybut also simply thoughts from which we cannot distract ourselves and which remain like nails fixed in our head. Like all diseases, however, there are cure that can be put into practice to stem the problem. In fact, even if insomnia can depend on many different factors, in the same way it can be overcome in different ways. So here are what the advice best to put the word fine lack of sleep and recover your well-being quickly.

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Insomnia, here are the effects on our well-being and how to overcome the problem: recovering sleep is essential

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First, a clarification: as also explained by the online portal OK Health and Wellnessinsomnia “not only does it affect the night’s rest, but also the daytime operation and has a significant impact on life quality of the patient who suffers from it. It compromises his work, study, social life and even that of the couple relationship. But there is more, because insomnia also has a strong economic impact as it is one of the main causes from absenteeism from work and affects his productivity: it is lost beyond the1% of annual GDP in direct and indirect costs“. In short, insomnia and its effects on our well-being should not be underestimated because the consequences, as explained a few lines ago, are really important from many points of view. As noted above, however, there are several ways to treat it, while having to treat it like a real one pathology.

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When we talk about insomnia we are talking about a phenomenon that is still too much underestimated. “Insomnia is characterized by a predominant dissatisfaction of she or he who suffers from it so much for the quality how much for the quantity of sleep – has explained Luigi Ferini-Strambi, Full Professor of Neurology at the Vita-Salute University of Milan as well as Director of the Sleep Medicine Center at the San Raffaele Hospital in the Lombard capital. – What is it due to? First, the difficulty in get to sleep it concerns well the 44% of cases of insomnia, so this is the most widespread dynamic. Among the risk factors, in addition toold age oa painful syndromes which can make sleeping difficult, even a matter of gender: le donne in fact they are more at risk. Then we have the depressionthe use of electronic devices or the reading in bedall elements that can affect the quality and success of sleep as a whole“. As explained by the expert, it is women who are more likely to be affected by insomnia: specifically, we are talking about a 1.41 of possibilities more than men, especially in different moments in life and in particular with the menopause. Also in women, insomnia tends to persist over time.

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“The woman has a higher risk of insomnia, linked above all to the various phases of hers reproductive cycle – he also points out Rosalia Silvestri, Head of the Sleep Medicine Center UOSD Neurophysiopathology and Movement Disorders and also associate professor in Neurology at the Department of Neuroscience and Neurosurgery of the University of Messina. – The inequality between the two sexes would be the result of numerous and rapid changes in the hands of the female sex hormones which influence neurotransmission and brain plasticity “. So, how to deal with it and keep insomnia under control? After over twenty years of research it was understood that the role oforexina, a hypothalamic neurotransmitter that plays a very important role in regulating the sleep-wake rhythm. In Europe, the green light has been given to the commercialization of Daridorexant, which allows you to treat the lack of sleep that occurs in a chronic way and also allows you to improve performance during the day. Also because, it should be emphasized, often usually insomnia hyperactivityanything but pleasant and useful in the diurnal phases of one’s life.



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