The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the credentials for many sectors, also accelerating all those changes that were already underway and involving users. The Online shopping, for example, allow a considerable time saving, in some cases even money, and the convenience of being able to act directly from home (and to receive the order at home). This has meant that e-commerce has become the preferred platforms for consumer purchases and essential sales channels for companies.

This change also affected the world of wines. It goes without saying that the opportunity to have your own at your fingertips favorite bottles it is rather greedy, especially if to find them, sometimes, you need to know the best wine bars in the area. At the same time, if before people only bought niche wines online, today they also tend to buy bottles that can be found at the supermarket, because what makes the difference is the convenience of service, which more and more wineries are implementing.

Buying wines from home is an increasingly common habit

Before 2020 the e-commerce phenomenon, as regards the wine sector in our country, was absolutely marginal. With the pandemic on the other hand, turnover has practically doubled in a very short time. In the new slice of the market concerning online sales, we have seen how the so-called Millennials (i.e. people born between 1980 and 1996) and Boomers (born between 1965 and 1980) are approaching.

Among these data, however, we must also mention other types of consumers, namely those who before the pandemic were used to buying and consuming outside their walls, and those who starting to working from home they started buying wines directly from the internet.

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A historic Tuscan winery opens its new e-commerce

The e-commerce trend is not something temporary, but rather will continue to grow at a rapid pace (according to recent data, 24% of people will continue to buy wines from home even after the pandemic is over). This is why companies in the sector – including those that were ‘late’ – started seriously to implement this solution, thinking about multi-channel.

An example is the new online platform from Santa Cristina, cellar in the heart of the Tuscany, in Cortona. Its production speaks of care and innovation, between autochthonous and international varieties, but always standing out for one handcrafted style which combines the vineyard and the work of man.

The name “Santa Cristina” comes from the red wine, a historic product that has been a symbol of the company for over 70 years, and the structure of the cellar was designed to accompany the grape from the vineyard to fermentation, refinement and bottling. . To these steps today is added one strong online presence. From today, in fact, customers will be able to buy wines on an e-commerce dedicated, without any shipping costs.

The selection is really wide, which allows enthusiasts to discover and receive new wines directly at home. The list includes: the Santa Cristina Rosso, the Rosé, for a more delicate flavor; the Santa Cristina White, directly from the Umbrian vineyards. In addition to the classics, the varietal line is available (Superior Chianti e Vermentino); the selections line (The Maestrelle, a modern red; Campogrande, born from the vineyards of the Orvieto Doc Classico area; Cypress grove; Casasole); the Bollicine line (Santa Cristina Brut); finally, the Specialty line, which includes the Wine Santo Santa Cristina, historic Tuscan wine for celebrations, the San Giocondo (new wine), but also theoil Santa Cristina, born from a selection of olives processed through a cold pressing system.

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For the undecided there is instead the possibility of ordering one custom box, with a selection of 6 different bottles. Or, alternatively, you can buy the “Le passioni” box, a selection of more classic labels.

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