Why having your TV with Android TV connected to the Internet by cable is not the best idea

Why having your TV with Android TV connected to the Internet by cable is not the best idea

If you are used to using your Android TV connected to the Internet via cable, you will enjoy advantages such as a more stable connection and no signal interference. At least more than WiFi. However, the speed may be lower than what you would get over WiFiwhich is striking considering that the cable is usually a symptom of a higher speed.

And it is that in most models there is speed limitation by cableso that even with a contracted 1 Gbps connection and a high-quality cable you cannot exceed 100 Mbps. Now, it is not something generic at all, so it is worth making some revisions.

The network card is to blame for the slowness

We tend to think that the more expensive a TV is, the better it fits into the high-end TV category. And with this we obtain a better panel, with higher resolution, refreshment, energy consumption, etc. And it is true, but the network card is also usually a common cutout in mid-range and budget TVs. In fact, you can even find models that reach three zeros with limited network cards.

The vast majority of televisions with Android TV limit wired connections to 100 Mbps. And this is not a bad speed either if it can be reached. However, and in view of the current fiber rates offered by operators, you may have a higher contracted speed. And it is worth that by WiFi you may not reach it, but you will stay closer than by cable.

This is where it is convenient to review the specifications of your television. If you do not keep the physical manual, you will find it on the manufacturer’s website. In any case, you can do speed tests with which to check the differences between the WiFi and cable connection.

speed test

Speed ​​test with cable (above) and with WiFi (below)

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For this there is a secret tool within the Netflix app, although if you are not a subscriber and/or want something more detailed, you can resort to other apps with which to measure Internet speed. In this way you can check which of the two types of connections is faster. And if you notice that it is the cable and that you are even close to the contracted speed, one of two, either you have a top-of-the-range television or you have a model of another lower range that is unique in its kind.

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