Why do people die from coronavirus despite having two doses

June 8, 2021 7:06

A doctor from Cordoba and a Buenos Aires nurse died this Monday from coronavirus despite having received two doses of the vaccine.

Why do people die of coronavirus despite having two doses

The news about the death of health or education personnel who have applied both doses of the coronavirus vaccines generates fear in people, since inoculations are supposed to reduce the potency of the disease.

Who was the 34-year-old nurse who died of coronavirus despite having both doses

The president of the International Scientific Community for Infection Control (INICC), Victor Daniel Rosenthal (MN 77,649), recalled this Monday that “there is not enough data for people over 60, or for those under 18, as well as for pregnant women.”

The infectologist Antonio Montero (MP 8.249) indicated to TN that: “There are many factors that influence these cases. The Chinese vaccine itself is not the most effective of all, as Sputnik and Pfizer are, with more than 90% effectiveness with both doses applied. The 79% effectiveness that Sinopharm has is only measured by the production of antibodies and that does not determine the immunity of the person ”.

Coronavirus: What Happens to Asymptomatic People Who Get Vaccinated

According to the specialist, “you also have to see and evaluate the host factors”. “If he has a basic immunodeficiency, that can worsen the picture,” remarked Montero, who indicated that the vaccination time must be taken into account, since vaccines require between two and three weeks to maximize the production of circulating antibodies with the first dose, and another 15 days after the second dose.

In extreme cases, as happened in some people who died even with the two inoculations applied, other factors may also play a role. Montero indicated that one of them could be an error in the refrigeration of the component or a bad application of the vaccine.

Shock over the death of a 70-year-old man at a coronavirus vaccination center

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