Why did Al-Ahly decide to “exclude Ashour”? Is the same situation repeated again?

Sharif Fouad, Al-Ahly’s board spokesman, revealed the details of the special decision, with the exception of Hossam Ashour, the captain of the first team, from the decision to prevent retirement matches for players issued several years ago.

Sharif Fouad explained that the Al-Ahly board of directors was based on 3 criteria in making its decision except for Ashour and setting up a retirement match for him, in appreciation of what the player presented over 16 years with the Red Fort.

Fouad said in statements to Al-Ahly channel: “Hossam Ashour is the leader of the first team, and Al-Ahly had issued a decision to prevent retirement matches for players after entering professional football in 1990.”

He added: “There is privacy for Hussam Ashour and 3 criteria that have been applied to him, and that is why Al-Ahly’s Board of Directors saw Ashour as an exception to this decision, and to agree to establish a retirement match for him.”

He continued: “The first criterion is: Ashour represented the first team when he was 16 years old after his escalation from the youth and did not cause any crisis or problem and was a model of discipline and respectable and high-end performance.”

He continued: “The second criterion is Ashour who did not wear a shirt except Al-Ahly’s shirt in his football career. As for the third criterion, he intends to end his life inside the walls of the Red Fort.”

Fouad went on to say: “All of this pushed the board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib and the Planning Committee with the exception of Ashour to provide him with a measure of material income in appreciation of his bid, and decided to coordinate with Al-Ahly channel, which asked if he retired as an analyst or a technical team member to benefit from his long experiences.” .

And Sharif Fouad completed his statements by saying: “Al-Khatib agreed to travel to Ashour for a European country to make a living in major clubs to prepare him as a cadre of Al-Ahly cadres .. As for the questions about the possibility of repeating this matter with any other player in the future, the answer is: insatiable, it could happen That is in the future, if these standards apply. “