Why can’t the title be changed to Wildberries? How the headline changes the product category and kills sales

I analyze two groups of headers: spam headers and those replaced through third-party applications. It is not safe to change headers today, and spammy keys lead to unpredictable consequences. There are analytical data that I want to share with you in a short note. What awaits us after the title replacement in terms of SEO? Seoremica is in touch.

For starters, Wildberries has limited the ability to change titles for most categories. A separate article with explanations was written about this, we will not touch on this topic today.

Parsed query

Consider a scenario for a product card where we replaced heading through third party software.

Most renaming services don’t work today. Many began to collect tokens, which is not safe for sellers. I know only two available ways to replace the title, but I consider the action itself inappropriate.

Pavel Mikhailov

What happens to the card after changing the header?

In most cases it happens falling positions commodity card. Not infrequently, a card literally disappears from the rankings. It is for this popular scenario that the supplier must be prepared.

There is a feeling that commodity card goes to the “buffer”, where, without interfering with others, an algorithm is already working with it, which, as a result, will determine the priority ranking keys and new positions in the issue. Term buffering from one to seven days. According to my observations, the growth after the title change is a great success.

We are actively discussing how to overcome the effect of pessimization after changing the title in our telegram chat. Join now!

At the same time, the “brands” filter has changed on Wildberries. Now the brands themselves are not arranged in alphabetical order, but according to a set of statistical parameters. The new block looks like this:

Visually, it may seem that the point is the number of goods the brand has. This is not true. On request, there are always shops with a lot of relevant products that do not fall into this list. Here it is more about brand popularity. The logic of building the list is not yet clear.

Pavel Mikhailov

What do you think exactly influences the popularity of a brand?

Number of sales

Number of brand favorites 😅

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How dangerous are SPAM headers for products?

On the screen above, we see that the Hagi Wagi brand is in the first place. Here I have to show you the search query.

Search term “computer glasses”

Brand Hagi Libra Wildberries attributed to computer glasses. If we activate filterwe will see the following:

Great points in irrelevant SERPs

How did it come about?

I think Wildberries has stuck the headings behind the categories. If our header has a key that matches the name of the category, the product is linked to it.

Pavel Mikhailov

Just take a look at the headings of all products Hagi Libra:

I guess the key is “duck spectacled» in the header automatically categorizes the product glasses. And the second keycomputer” Picks up already from the description, where he meets every time.

Description on Wildberries

Will the use of the key glasses in the brand sale header Hagi Libra?

Could this be an algorithmic failure?

I am sure that myself algorithm will change and the number of such situations will decrease. There will be fewer technical errors.

However, I believe that we are seeing the testing of new ranking algorithms, where the title will play a decisive role within the marketplace.

The important role of the header when ranking on the competing marketplace Ozon, we all know well. Is Wildberries testing something similar?

I can add that irrelevant ranking, under the new algorithm, can completely stop sales or significantly reduce them. Usage spam and long compound keys (separated by slash or comma) can lead to unpredictable consequences.

I wrote about the new ranking algorithm and why Wildberries can change a lot in the near future in a separate article. (over 8000 views right now).


Wildberries does not want anyone to interfere with his work. Changing headings can lead to a decrease in the positions of the product card. There is no objective need to change the title.

At the same time, headings can influence the ranking by keywords in completely different categories of the site. Most likely, we saw this effect due to a technical error, but it gives us an idea of ​​the next steps of the marketplace and the principles of working with headlines in the future.

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Pavel Mikhailov

Marketplace Analyst

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