Why are all planets named after a god, but ours is called Earth?

Planet Earth is a wonderful place with a complicated and rich history. This can result in the loss of many traditions enclosed in customs and terms, as well as the name of the planet itself. Although we don’t know exactly who coined the word “Earth” first, historians have tried to study its etymology.

According to World Atlasthe current wording is estimated to be common use for at least 1,000 years. But this is not the original spelling. Terra as a word it originates from the Indo-European base “is“. In German, this became the word ertho and in Old English it became the word eorthe. According to Science Focuslater became the modern German and English words erde and earth.

While the word earth may come from Germanic bases, other words we use to describe the planet Earth result of Latin origin, like the word “orbit”For example, used to describe the path that the Earth and the other planets travel around the Sun.

Unlike the others worldsthere are no words to describe the planet Earth that come from Greek or Roman mythology, according to theAtlantemondiale. This causes the Earth stand out from the rest of the solar system in a unique way.

The fact that the name of the Earth does not come from mythology places us in a unique place in our solar system, as all the names of the other planets come from it. According to Historythe Romans named the planets in honor of their gods and goddesses, based on characteristics that could be distinguished from the Earth, such as the red color of Mars and the brightness of Venus.

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Uranus and Neptune were only discovered much later, and only with the use of telescopes. Despite this, the astronomers have decided to continue titled them as mythological deities. For example, Uranus was named by the German astronomer Johann Elert Bode in honor of the Greek god of the sky. Meanwhile, according to the NASANeptune takes its name from the Roman god of the sea, due to its deep blue color.



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