Why Anmat prohibits the marketing of Mantecol in the country

The issue arose in the Buenos Aires district of San Isidro, where the manufacturing firm argued that “three complaints from consumers” of the traditional Mantecol remarking that “it presented strange elements”.

From there, an investigation of the National Administration of Food, Drugs and Medical Technology (Anmat) verified that the product, in its presentation that includes a 3,300-kilogram plastic container, had been falsified.

For this reason, through provision 3604/2022 published this Thursday in the Official Gazette, “the production, fractionation and marketing throughout the country is prohibited.” It is detailed that it is about the sweets that they carry as a label “Dessert based on peanut paste and cocoa”due on 02/12/23.

Why Anmat prohibits the marketing of Mantecol in the country

The official body published images and developed the main differences between the original and the counterfeit package, specifically, because “It lacks records and is falsely labeled by consigning in its information the records of establishment and product belonging to the firm Mondelez Argentina SA”.

In the process it was found that the packaging is “from a label version similar to the one used in 2014”, in addition to the fact that “the image of the counterfeit Mantecol is not very clear with black borders” and that the expiration date of the adulterated product it is extended to five years, when the real one has a useful life of one year.



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