I was able to test the Whoop fitness tracker in its third iteration at the beginning of this year and was quite impressed, even if the running costs are high. It is aimed at the target group of ambitious amateur athletes or professionals who value body monitoring. The company is now introducing Whoop 4.0, the improved sensor configuration of which is intended to ensure even more precise monitoring and to record blood oxygen (new), skin temperature (new) and heart rate. In addition, the gadget has become 33 percent smaller. The battery life should still be five days.

Sleep-Coach is also new, a tracker can vibrate to act as your alarm clock at optimal times. You can also adjust sleep and wake up times individually. The health monitor gives you improved information about trends in your heart rate, skin temperature and blood oxygen content. The battery pack is finally waterproof. I’ve already taken a shower with Pack twice myself.

Whoop is now also offering the so-called body and any-wear technology, sports and functional clothing in which you can stow the tracker in order to record data even more precisely. The manufacturer supplies:

Fast Link Slider: Whoop 4.0 is equipped with a new Fast Link Slider, which makes it easier than ever to switch Whoop 4.0 between a variety of colorful ribbons and the brand new technical clothing equipped with Whoop body sensors.

SuperKnit and HydroKnit tapes: Whoop 4.0 includes a new SuperKnit tape that comes pre-tied and is designed for ultimate comfort and durability. In addition, a HydroKnit tape appears, which dries quickly and has been optimized for water sports.

Any-Wear-Technologie: The new detection technology detects when and where Whoop 4.0 is on the body.

Whoop Body with Any-Wear technology comprises two separate collections that are tailored to the needs of the members, according to the provider. The training collection consists of compression clothing in the form of sports bras, leggings, shirts, arm sleeves and shorts. The underwear collection consists of underwear such as bras and boxer shorts designed for everyday use. The prices for the clothes are not yet known at this point in time.

Whoop costs from 18 euros per month with a subscription including tracker with access to the app, you can get one month free of charge via the following link.

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