Who will Jackson Irvine as St. Represent Pauli captain against Heidenheim?

Who will replace Jackson Irvine against Heidenheim? The question has been with FC St. for a week and a half. Pauli. It just doesn’t get any easier with an answer.

A quartet bid nominally for the Australian, who was suspended for a fifth yellow card. There is his compatriot Connor Metcalfe, who returned with Irvine yesterday from his international trip with Australia. And there is Afeez Aremu, Carlo Boukhalfa and Betim Fazliji. All four have different abilities, but none of them are the same as Irvine.

Aremu, Boukhalfa, Fazliji, Metcalfe: All can replace Irvine – but not completely

Even after the entire team’s poor performance in Regensburg before the internationals, coach Timo Schultz highlighted Irvine’s performance. Positive, mind you. He showed that he wants to turn the game around “with all his might”. “He is our captain, he is our leader in the midfield,” emphasized Schultz, “of course we will miss him.” As a football player. And as a leader.

St. Pauli will face Heidenheim without suspended captain Jackson Irvine

Especially when Luca Zander called for the unconditional bite and Igor Matanovic criticized the lack of fire. Compensating for this loss should be at least as difficult as compensating for the absence of the midfield engine in football. But, Schultz also emphasized: “We have enough good players on the bench who have played relatively little so far.”

Rotation and rhythm: This speaks of the captaincy candidates of FC St. Pauli

This applies especially to Afeez Aremu, who had the least chance to play out of the aforementioned quartet: only 55 minutes. Also because St. Pauli needed attacking reinforcements after a deficit and Aremu has its strengths on defense. In addition to the set Eric Smith, who is also a classic six, a stronger part against Heidenheim should also be in demand. This profile applies more to Carlo Boukhalfa (124 league minutes so far), who at least got regional league match practice last weekend, but was not really convincing.

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Hurtling to headquarters? St. Pauli’s coach, Schultz, has these options against Heidenheim

Most recently against Regensburg, when Smith was ill, Fazliji moved into midfield but had to leave at half-time. Until then he acted unhappily. After all, the 23-year-old is in rhythm. In the international matches with Kosovo (1-2 against Northern Ireland and 5-1 against Cyprus) he was on the field full-time, against Cyprus as a six. Fazliji is also quite defensive, but also shows opening passes à la Paqarada in practice.

A stronger option would be Connor Metcalfe, who has recently shown dynamism after substitutions and for whom the question of fitness arises after the trip around the world. Yesterday he completed an athletic unit on Kollaustrasse.

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It is also possible that Marcel Hartel goes to headquarters, Lukas Daschner on the left and Luca Zander on the right. Will bring a lot of change as Leart Paqarada is also injured, but creativity in the middle and more speed on the outside.



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