Who was Daniel Picazo, the young man lynched in Puebla?

“Professional, lover of travel and life”that’s how it was in life Daniel Picazo 31 years old, who was the victim of a lynching at the hands of residents of the community of Papatlazolco, belonging to the municipality of Huauchinango, after being falsely accused of being robachicos. Her sister used social networks to dedicate a farewell message to her and repudiate the fact.

“I chose my favorite photo to say goodbye to you, finding out how they took your life causes me the greatest revulsion towards the people who unfairly did it without knowing that you were a professional, a lover of travel and life, with a bright future, fly very high my Dany, I trust that God will do justice to all those people who cut your wings… just for being in the wrong time and place. You enjoyed your short life as you liked best, rest in peace Daniel Picazo ” .

The events occurredon the night of Friday, June 10, when the rumor spread through an audio broadcast in WhatsApp groups about the alleged attempted kidnapping of a minor for which they detained Daniel Picazo, they beat him, doused him with gasoline and burned him alive. The young man was only in the municipality of Puebla to meet him.

Who was Daniel Picazo, a young man mistakenly lynched in Huauchinango?

Daniel Picazo González was originally from Puebla and studied Law at the Technological University of Mexico from where he graduated in 2016. According to public information and his social networks, in In 2015, when he was still studying for his degree, he entered the Senate of the Republic as a collaborator. In the federal legislature from 2018 to 2021, he participated as part of the team that formed the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

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At the end of 2021 he was an advisor to the federal deputy of the PAN Joanna Alejandra Felipe Torres, who lamented the fact in their social networks. “With deep sadness and consternation, I join the sorrow that overwhelms the family of our colleague and friend, Daniel Picazo, talented, dedicated young man, committed to his country and with big dreams in life. I pray to God for his rest and for the good of his family.


In the official account of the Chamber of Deputies, a message was released to mourn the death of the young man “Who until March 2022 served as counsel in this House.” Last May, Daniel boasted in his networks that he was celebrating his 31st birthday with a trip to the beach.


In the last two years there have been reports at least 9 attempted lynchings in the municipality of Huauchinango.

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