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Return in full regalia for Stefania Nobile. The daughter of Wanna Brands, sentenced several times for teleshopping, she was chosen as the agent of Fabrizio Corona. That’s right. The announcement arrived punctually on social networks where Nobile did not hide the enthusiasm: “Now I can say it, get ready for a saber tonight! From today, it is official, I am the agent of Fabrizio Corona. And so I throw it. Great Fabri, we will do a lot of things together. You are number one, I have never had any doubts and I have always known that. Know that for everything related to his character, write me. I’m proud because being an influencer means everything and it means nothing. But when you treat the largest horses in Italy, that is Davide Lacerenza (ex boyfriend and current “partner” of Stefania Nobile, as well as owner of some clubs in Milan, ed) and Fabrizio Corona, you did bingo. And this is me “.

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Currently the former king of the paparazzi he is under house arrest, following the decision of the Milan Surveillance Court of 11 March following a series of violations of the regulations. A decision that Corona had not taken well, so much so that he cut his veins and broke the glass of an ambulance until he ended up in psychiatry for ten days. Only later the court had accepted the request of the defendants to suspend the execution of the provision, pending the decision of the Supreme Court on this point.

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And here is the birth of the most unthinkable of partnerships with the Noble, she too struggling with justice. Wanna Marchi’s daughter had to serve a four-year sentence (including three under house arrest) for criminal association and fraud. “I find Fabrizio a boy with a lot of potential, but a bit too braggart. He is not a saint and he may have made a mistake, but it certainly pays off being so braggart and be beautiful like a god – his current manager said about him years ago -. He has always professed to be innocent, I never. I never said I was innocent because I hate the innocent. In life, you want it or you don’t want it, we are all guilty of something. I may have some more guilt, it is true, but I have also paid everything with undue interest. In any case, I hope that Fabrizio will come out soon, also because I met his son and he deserves to be able to hug his father as soon as possible. And allow me one thing too. In prison it is full of people who do not bear the surname of Corona, Nobile or Marchi. Nobody ever talks about those people e they too pay unjust sentences“.

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