Who is the wife of Nidal Al-Shafei? The famous Egyptian actress – get to know her with pictures

Celebrities’ lives are always shed light on knowing everything about their lives, especially on the family level, where the pioneers ofsocial media “On the hidden aspects of the artists’ lives, the most important of which are their family members and spouses, and among them is the Egyptian artist.”Nidal Al Shafei“The communication sites shared pictures of him with his wife, coinciding with his recent health crisis.

Introducing Hind Muhammad Ali The artist’s wife, Nidal Al-Shafei, is an Egyptian actress, who participated in the series “Chess”, which was shown in 2015, and she also studied with him at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, and their relationship developed during the study, which culminated in marriage after that.

About Nidal Al Shafei

He is an Egyptian actor, graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Department of Acting and Directing in 1999. He was born on June 12, 1978 and is now 43 years old. After that, he studied with theatrical director Khaled Galal, and his theatrical assets were in his artistic career. He played in a series of plays that were shown on the state stage, the most important of which is “The Trial of Ghanem Saeed”.

His first cinematic appearance was in 2005 in the movie “Malaki of Alexandria” with star Ahmed Ezz, where the movie appeared. Director Sandra Neshat, after which his successes and works continued in the world of drama and cinema, which made him one of the most famous stars of the artistic community at the Arab level.

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Mrs. Hind Muhammad Ali, Nidal Al-Shafei’s wife, said in her latest statements that her husband’s health condition is very stable, stressing that the doctors will write him out within two days, but after checking on his body systems and not being affected by poisoning after an explosion in the colon.

Hind Muhammad thanked the representative of the representative professions, Dr. Ashraf Zaki Ali’s permanent presence and support for her husband in this state of health.

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Nidal Al-Shafei had undergone a surgical operation in which he removed 15 cm of the colon, and Nidal Al-Shafei remains in the hospital to check on his condition, where he was visited by Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the artist Nihal Anbar and others.

In a statement published by his media office, he indicated that the health crisis occurred due to “sadness,” and the statement explained that Nidal Al-Shafei was irritated after he finished a day of filming in the movie “Minibar”, due to the artistic producer’s failure to implement the promises he had made to him, which led to an accident. An explosion in the colon, he was hospitalized and underwent urgent surgery that lasted 4 hours. Producer Medhat Saad, it is reported, had stopped completing the film since 2018.

Earlier, the star “Nidal Al-Shafei” revealed that he meets in the movie “Minibar”, with many stars participating next to him in the work, including: the artist Salah Abdullah, Menna Fadali, Medhat Tikha, Umniah, Ibrahim Al-Masry, and the film directed by Mohamed Khodari. .

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