Who is the unknown son of Pepe Aguilar?

Clearly, Pepe Aguilar He is one of the most representative artists of the regional music of Mexico. True to the style of his parents, Don Antonio Aguilar Y Wild flower, Pepe He has had great success, thus being one of the most important singers in the Aztec country. Currently together with their children has shown that Aguilar dynasty It is one of the most important families in Mexican culture.

However, this time we will talk about his personal life, specifically about his eldest son. As everybody know Pepe Aguilar he has three children with his current wife Aneliz Alvarez placeholder image. Their names are Angela, Leonardo Y ring which has great popularity in the Aztec country since two of them dazzle, follow in the footsteps of their father and grandparents. But what many do not know is that Pepe He was married long before his present marriage and had a son.



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