The Olympic medalist left everyone shocked and Omar Chaparro was right in his prediction

By: Erik solis

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Who is the Mask? 2021: Caracol is Paola Espinosa

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Who is the Mask? 2021 saw the great start of its new season in which we discovered who was hiding behind


and then we saw that the third triple combat was starred Toad, Snail and Owl.

However, the second character to have to reveal her identity was Caracol, who turned out to be the Olympic diver Paola Espinosa, who surprised the public and the researchers:

Juanpa Zurita, Carlos Rivera,

Yuri, Monica Huarte and

Omar Chaparro.

The athlete offered a first-rate show with her unique version of ‘Como la flor’, one of Selena Quintanilla’s greatest hits. Relive it in the following video:

Caracol makes explosive interpretation of ‘Como la flor’, by Selena

After not being rescued by the panel of investigators as


nor for the votes like


This is how we discovered that behind Caracol was Paola Espinosa:

VIDEO: This is how Caracol was unmasked and it turned out to be Paola Espinosa

Who is Paola Espinosa?

Paola Espinosa is one of the greatest representatives of sport in Mexico, an Olympic, Pan-American, Central American and international championship multi-medalist.

The diver participated in four Olympic Games, her debut being in Athens 2004, obtaining a Bronze medal in Beijing 2008, and another in London 2012 on the synchronized 10-meter platform.

These were the clues that let us know that Caracol was Paola Espinosa
– In his universe, Caracol controls the competition and tells us a couple more clues.
– “To play you need sacrifice”, is one of the phrases that frame the athlete’s career.
– It’s Snail, but he says that: “Not a hare goes faster than me.”
– Paola Espinosa is an activist for Las Vaquitas Marinas, an image that appeared in her clue video.
– In the following video he relives his tracks:

The Researchers’ Final Bets
Juanpa Zurita – Natalia Téllez
Carlos Rivera as Violeta Isfel
Yuri – Alexa Moreno
Monica Huarte – Natasha Dupeyrón
Omar Chaparro – Paola Espinosa – RIGHT IN HIS PREDICTION

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