Who is Tchizé dos Santos, “the bulldozer” who attacks João Lourenço (and almost everyone) – Observer

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It is named after the national flower of Angola. Welwitschia Mirabilis is not just any plant, it is not delicate or fragrant, it is gigantic and very resistant. Known as the “desert octopus”, as it lives exclusively in the Namib Desert, which stretches from southern Angola to northern Namibia, this thick-stemmed, low-growing plant can last up to over a thousand years. “Disgrenhada”, they call it “the immortal plant of Angola” — and some use it as an emblem of Angolan resistance. And the botany “class” ends here.

It is not known what would go through the mind of those who named the second daughter of the former President of Angola, but the symbolism can only please Welwitschea José dos Santos, also known as Tchizé.

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