Sergio Torres performed the stanzas of the National Anthem on Thursday night in the preview of what was the clash between Argentina and Bolivia for the Qualifiers towards the World Cup in Qatar.

The 55-year-old artist has a vast career in the world of cumbia in Santa Fe and was the first from Santa Fe to perform at Luna Park.

“Singing the Anthem has been postponed for a long time, I am always in my sights, but for one thing or another I was never able to sing it,” Torres revealed to Chain 3.

“The players were very happy that I was the one who played him,” he added.

“If you ask me to tell you in words, I don’t know how to describe the moment. It was impressive,” he insisted.

In addition, he said that his “legs shook” when he heard the audience chanting with him. “In my 42-year career, this is the first time this has happened to me,” he said.

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The beginning

As a child he began to sing at school and at the age of 13 he joined the Maracaibo Group. Later he had a passage through Los Palmeras, until he arrived at Joy Group, where he stayed for eight years.

The jump to stardom occurred with Grupo Cali, where he performed many hits. He is currently in the grouping Sergio Torres and the Swing Owners.

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His relationship with Messi

Torres met a very young “Pulga” when he was playing in Barcelona. “I had the chance to be with Messi and Maradona. I am lucky that what I sing many footballers like, “he said during an interview.

When the Rosario star turned 20, Sergio Torres was in the celebration with Grupo Cali, and even confessed in a note that when he met Messi, he told him that he had grown up with his music.

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