Who is Marina Granovskaya, whose departure Chelsea announced?

The American newspaper, The Times, described her as the most powerful woman on earth, and she is the front of Chelsea in buying players and renewing contracts for those present.

It is the Russian Marina Granovskaya, who Chelsea announced, today, Wednesday, officially, the departure of the one who held the position of sporting director of the club and nicknamed the Iron Woman.

And this is among the big changes in Chelsea under the leadership of new owner Todd Boeley, where the resignation of President Bruce Buck was announced, two days ago, as well.

The statement stated that the owner Pouille will take over the position temporarily, until a new sports director is appointed, with Granovskaya consulting, in the remainder of the current Mercato.
It is known to all that Marina has been playing one of the most important roles in Chelsea FC since taking charge in 2013.

In the following lines, we list the most prominent stages of Marina’s life:

Marina and Abramovich friendship

Marina started her journey with Chelsea FC with former club owner Roman Abramovich, with whom she has been working since 1997, 6 years before he bought Chelsea.

Granovskaya started when she joined the oil company owned by the former Blues Malm, and then worked in Chelsea based on his choice of her, because of his blind trust in her and his knowledge of her efficiency and dedication to work.

Marina was one of the first to go with Abramovich to London, and since then has had an important role in the national and European blues’ crowns.

The most important start

The role of the “Blues” official increased more and more rapidly at Stamford Bridge Castle, after she became the official spokesman for the club’s president in 2010, and then a member of the board of directors in 2013.

Marina is the architect of the transfer of Spanish Fernando Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea in 2011, as well as Belgian Eden Hazard from French Lille in 2012, and Spain’s Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid in 2013, and many other deals.

She received a lot of praise after her success in persuading the Brazilian Thiago Silva to join the team, but the most remarkable achievement by Marina was the sale of Belgian star Eden Hazard to Real Madrid.

The most expensive deal

Hazard had a year left of his contract in 2019 and described Real Madrid’s attempts to buy him as prolonged because Marina had set a certain price and would not have been subject to the pressures of the Real Madrid administration.

And threatened to keep Hazard and lose him for free after the expiration of his contract to sell him at a reduced price and in the end got 134 million pounds in 3 payments.



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