Who is Ignacio Gallardo, the young Argentine who was shot in Miami for a dollar

Ignatius Gallardoa 25-year-old Argentine living in MiamiUSA, He was shot in the chest on July 21 and is in a coma. The person who shot him shot him after asking Ignacio and a friend of the Argentine for money, who was sitting with him on the stairs of the building. South Beach where they stay

The suspect is wanted by the Florida State Police, while the 25-year-old continues in intensive care. The family traveled to the United States, and his father -Fernando- confirmed that “he is fighting for his life”.

Born in Yerba Buena, a neighborhood near San Miguel de Tucuman“Gallo” Gallardo, as Ignacio is known, I had traveled to Miami barely two months ago to continue his architecture studies, which he had completed at the National University of Tucumán, and to manage a small electronic cigarette business.

He had an electronic cigarette startup where he was CEOInstagram

The young man practiced rugby in a club in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán. In their profiles Instagram y Facebook –where he has more than 15000 followers- shows the different trips he made to American cities for leisure and for study and work.

In Miami I was working as the CEO of a small local Vapersor electronic cigarettes. And in 2022 he had traveled to Puerto Rico, Asunción de Paraguay and Las Vegas, in the state of California, United States.

Through a video filmed by one of his friends in the seaside resort, The moment he arrived in Miami was portrayed. The clip shows when Nacho left the airport and was greeted with music, hugs and joy by his friends from inside a car. No one could imagine what would happen two and a half months later when he was hospitalized in a coma for stealing a dollar.

The arrival of Ignacio Gallardo in Miami

In one of his latest posts he had welcomed his father and mother when they arrived in Miami a few weeks ago. The publication dates from three weeks ago, so it is believed that the father – who explained that he had arrived in the last 24 hours – went and returned from the United States. There he poses with Facundo Gallardo and Verónica Andrea Gallardo, next to the arrivals area at Miami International Airport just three weeks ago. Ignatius was staying in the neighborhood of South Beach, one of the most touristic areas of Miami Beach, from where he moved to receive his parents.

Ignacio Gallardo with his father Facundo, his mother, Verónica and two friends at the Miami airport
Ignacio Gallardo with his father Facundo, his mother, Verónica and two friends at the Miami airportInstagram

The event passed around 4 in the morning of July 21, when Ignacio and a friend were returning to their house at 1000 8th Street. At that moment a man asked him for money. They showed him that they only had one dollar and at that moment the assailant shot him and stole his friend’s walletwho was the first to assist him and ask the paramedics for help.

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the suspect fled the scene south on Michigan Court from 8th Streetas confirmed by officer Ernesto Rodríguez, spokesman for the Miami Beach police, who drew a drawing with the characteristics of the face to be sought by the authorities and anyone who might know him.

The local Florida State Police released a drawing of the person who would have shot Ignacio. It is a man between 28 and 32 years old with “Latin” features, black hair and a hump on his back. The incident occurred in the 1000 block of 8th Street. Detectives urge anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers de Miami-Dade.

My son is intubated and sedatedin an induced coma, fighting for his life,” Fernando Gallardo, the victim’s father, said Tuesday during a press conference with a Miami Police officer.

“They took him to the hospital doing resuscitation. My son was bleeding to death. They opened his chest, they opened it up here to be able to cut that artery… Then they operated on his abdomen again. Five surgeries are trying to save his life”, Fernando explained.

Gallardo desperately asked people to have “empathy” and help catch your son’s assailant.



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