Who benefits the most from AI?

Who benefits the most from AI?

Many applications currently offer ChatGPT-based functionality.IA

The tech world is experiencing a rush to use AI-powered tools. If artificial intelligence was more reserved for laboratories and scientists, their use has been a little more democratized now. There are AI-based tools that make it easier for humans to do almost anything. One of the success stories of public use of AI remains Chatbots. This model has been developed variously by industry giants. This is the case of Microsoft with Bing, Google with Bard and Open AI with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is just experiencing a rapid expansion with its integration into many applications. The latter create their own Chatbot based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Called generative AIs, they have become the new form of competition between applications to keep up with technological trends.

Generative AIs and how they work

Generative AIs are created by applications in order to bring new functionalities to their users. These generated AIs use tools that rely on ChatGPT. Productivity app Notion has created Notion IA, its generative AI to perform tasks unique to the productivity company.

Long before that, it was Snapchat that announced the creation of My AI, a chatbot based on ChatGPT that allows you to have conversations with the robot.

The educational application Quizlet has not remained on the sidelines of this rush towards generative AIs. It also announced a ChatGPT-based tutor called Q-Chat.

Needless to mention Instacart which has announced that it will do the same for better customer satisfaction.

If the use of generative AI is not very surprising, curiosity is to be pushed towards the destination of the funds generated. Indeed, each of the aforementioned applications offers the use of its generative AI for payment. This is mostly a paid subscription.

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A trend that could quickly collapse


A conflict of interest could arise between OpenAI and its partners. For OpenAI, it is more expedient to expand the scope of using AI-based tools. The giant intends to do so by asking for the support of developers. In order not to pay them, the company announced that it will no longer use developer data to improve its models.. Instead, the company behind ChatGPT wants these experts to sign up to help improve features. “One of our biggest goals has been figuring out how to get super developer friendly?Greg Brockman, president of OpenAI, told TechCrunch. “Our mission is to truly build a platform that others are able to build businesses on.»

Developers, on the other hand, are not willing to help improve ChatGPT for free.

At the moment, the AI ​​tools on the market are free versions of ChatGPT. This means that it is the applications that benefit the most.

However, the trend may be reversed due to the new provisions that OpenAI is taking. The company now wants to make its tools available to companies via an API. To get it, it will take $0.002 for about 750 words of output. The freedom is always given to each company signing a ChatGPT usage partnership to resell the functionality in its own application.

At this rate, generative AIs could become features limited to certain users. This scenario would allow the various players to derive maximum benefit from it while limiting access to the functionalities. It remains to be seen whether the improvements can really be made without the effective involvement of developers who expect more remuneration.

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