Who are the 30 most followed Italian CEOs on Linkedin

Who are the 30 CEOs of the largest companies operating in Italy most followed on LinkedIn in 2022. This is the new annual report made and published by Pubblico Delirio, a digital reputation consultancy company.

Of the panel of 275 companies, the number of CEOs on LinkedIn is roughly stable compared to 2021 and stands at 71% of the total. And among the many sectors represented in the top 30 (updated to 30 June 2022), finance is confirmed as the most present with 7 managers, up compared to 2021 where there were only four. Then energy & utility with 5 and automotive and retail with 4. For the first time also the food & beverage sector, represented by 3 CEOs. Pharma is absent this year, also due to the changes at the top.

The top 10 of the most followed CEOs on Linkedin

Before entering the highlight of the ranking, the report notes that the average of the followers of the 30 most followed CEOs continues to increase dramatically: 29,300 this year, 7,100 more than last year and 14,700 compared to 2020. Data influenced by the former three that alone cover 32% of the total followers of the top 10: Stephan Winkelmann by Automobili Lamborghini (121.600, +42.000), Luca De Meo di Renault Group (93.900, +30.400) e Nerio Alessandri of Technogym (69,900, +17,800), on the podium in place of Marco Alverà (70,700 followers, +14,700), who left the panel having recently left the leadership of Snam.

The three leaders keep at a distance Giampaolo Grossi of Starbucks Italia, who with 18,600 new followers reaches 48,500 and conquers fourth place (+4 positions compared to 2021), Corrado Passera of illimity Bank (45,700, +7,100) and Francesco Starace of Enel (44,400, +5,000) who swap positions compared to 2021. For the first time in the 10 also a woman: Cristina Scocchia, who passes from Kiko Milano to illycaffè and who climbs four positions with 20,400 new followers for a total of 41,700.

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The top 10 CEOs of the largest companies operating in Italy most followed on LinkedIn in 2022 are closed by Claudio Descalzi from Eni (41,200, +4,600), Andrea Pontremoli from Dallara (33,500, +8,400) and Bartolomeo Rongone from Bottega Veneta (30,700 ; +11.700). Instead, Francesco Pugliese di Conad slips out of the ten (29,400, +5,000). Finally, the number of female CEOs in the standings remained stable at three: in addition to Scocchia and Silvia Candiani of Microsoft Italia (20,500; +5,600), fifteenth, also Elena Goitini of Bnl – Bnp Paribas Italia (10,800, +6,100), twenty-fifth. On the other hand, Fabiana Scavolini of Scavolini (45th) comes out of the top 30.

courtesy Public Delirio

The new entries in the top 30

Among the new entries in the top 30 we find Pietro Labriola (14,100) from this year at the top of Tim, Pierroberto Folgiero (13,000, + 6,700) passed from the leadership of the Maire Tecnimont Group to that of Fincantieri, Fabrizio Gavelli (9,900), president and Italy & Greece CEO of Danone Company, and Giannalberto Cancemi, recently appointed CEO of Leroy Merlin Italia (9,500).

The manager who has climbed the most positions is Andrea Orcel of Unicredit (12,900 followers), who with 11,800 new followers moves from 139th to 21st position. “The UniCredit Group in 2019 had abandoned consumer communication on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on a more corporate and international approach”, says Stefano Chiarazzo, founder of Pubblico Delirio and author for FrancoAngeli of the book Social CEO.

Claudio Domenicali of Ducati (30,200, + 26,000; 11th, +33 positions), Remo Ruffini of Moncler (12,100, +8,100; 22nd, +23), Stefano Donnarumma of Terna also stand out for their growing commitment and consequent increase in followers. (11,100, +6,800; 24 °, +18), Elena Goitini of Bnl – Bnp Paribas Italia (25 °, +13) and Stefano Venier (9,700, +5,000; 28 °, +11), former CEO of Hera recently passed to Snam.

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Who the full top 30.

The strategies compared

Business leaders in the observation period, March-June 2022, published an average of 5.8 posts per month, a figure slightly higher than the previous year (5.7 from mid-March to mid-July 2021). Francesco Pugliese is by far the most active with an average of 31 publications per month between posts, shares and articles. Followed by Stefano Rebattoni of IBM Italy with 17.8 and then Silvia Candiani of Microsoft Italy and Giampaolo Grossi who post on LinkedIn respectively 11.5 and 11.3 times a month. Instead, Remo Ruffini 9.4%, Stefano Venier 9.2% and Cristina Scocchia 6.5% lead by engagement rate who, despite the low frequency of publication (respectively 1, 2.8 and 1.3 posts per month), they differ greatly from the average of the Top 30: 2.2%, up by 0.5%.

courtesy Public Delirio

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