Who among us does not remember the beautiful Hanan Shawqi, the star of Layali Al Helmiya .. You will not believe how time betrayed the screen girl in her latest appearance and the surprising relationship between her and Adel Imam.!! (See the photo)

Although the actress Hanan Shawky was one of the best actresses in the famous Egyptian series, Layali El Helmeya, and many expected her after him to have a strong start,

But it appeared and disappeared at intervals. A few days ago, Hanan Shawky attended the opening activities of the Radio and Television Festival

Al-Masry at Thebes Theater in Nasr City, and she seemed to have many different features than she was in the past.

The festival’s president, Mohamed Farag, honored the artist, Hanan Shawky, who in turn sent a message to President Sisi during her honor, saying: When I see the radio, it defeats my childhood and the stages of my life.

I, with the voice of all the artists in the Arab world, demand that President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi return Egyptian television to what it was before.

Shawky continued: I am very happy with the honor, and very happy, and I thought of myself as I saw a virtuous woman, especially that the radio raised me artistically and culturally and taught me respect, I drank art from the radio.

Hanan Shawky added: Egyptian television is a symbol, from here, Cairo, we take our lives back, and the story needs management from a man. We want a man to work on radio and television from another, because this is very expensive for us.

It is reported that Hanan had participated in the sixth part of “Nights of the Dream”, which did not meet the same success as the old parts that were presented years ago.

The artist, Hanan Shawky, Hisham Al Shalakany, married the brother of the artist’s wife, Adel, in front of Mrs. Hala Al Shalakany, but the marriage did not last long, and the separation occurred without having children, and she did not marry again.



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