Whistleblower: Company, hear the signals!

Whistleblower: Company, hear the signals!

Whistleblower Company, hear the signals!

The EU finds: Whistleblowers fulfill an important role. That is why it requires the member states to protect whistleblowers better in the future. This is a lot of work for companies.

Industriepark Höchst in the Frankfurt district of the same name is one of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical sites in Europe. More than 22,000 employees in 90 different companies produce medicines, color pigments and fertilizers there. And process highly dangerous substances. It is therefore important for the operating company Infraserv Höchst to find out as early as possible if someone on the site violates the high occupational safety and product standards.

In 2018, the management put all processes to the test, reports the senior compliance officer, Wolfram Schmidt. The most important innovation: an anonymous reporting system for such violations. Since then, information has been sent directly to three responsible employees via a special website. However, they only see who sent the report if the whistleblower agrees. Those responsible will assess the validity of a tip and may initiate an internal investigation. If it is a criminal offence, you can also contact the public prosecutor’s office directly.

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