The Boston Red Sox sweep of the New York Yankees over the weekend showed a marked wear and tear in the way New Yorkers are playing baseball and how Boston’s have better adapted to the circumstances that prevail in MLB. thanks to your managers

At the beginning of the season, New York Yankees was the second team with the best chance of winning the World Series, only behind the current champions, Los angeles dodgers. If we look ahead to today, with about a third of the season completed, the team is in fourth place in the eastern division of the American League, in the midst of one of his worst offensive seasons since the introduction of the designated hitter in 1973.

The team produces little more than three runs per game (his worst stat since 1972), roughly 7.4 hits on average per meeting and a hit .228 (lowest since 1968), they are striking out at the worst pace in franchise history, averaging 9.4 outs that way in every game and his work on the bases has been poor, allowing an alarming number of outs on the trails and being unable to steal bases, having a Average of 0.2 cheated pads per game (lowest amount since 1965).

The team that competed for the all-time lead for most home runs During 2019 he has shot 69 homers in 60 games, despite hitting the ball with the same force as in that year, but thanks to not being able to adapt to the new ball used in MLBNor to the defensive changes that the teams apply to them, they are simply not generating power and they are left behind, as if baseball has left them behind.

On the other side, we have some Boston Red Sox Nobody was counting on, which filled multiple gaps with veterans on short contracts, role players and high-risk bets on the pitching side. The biggest change in the team structure has been the return of Alex Cora as a leader after a one-year suspension.

The Red Sox they came to New York after losing three of four games against the Astros, without J.D. Martínez, who has not been acting with the team, despite being the heart of the line-up and urgently not to allow Tampa Bay Rays take distance in the leadership of the division.

The Red Sox they swept the Yankees with a modern way of playing baseball. They forgot about the home run, although they hit three big ones over the weekend. They attacked the opposing band, thus defeating the defensive special formations and forcing the New Yorkers to bat for “doble play”Multiple times.

They did not need to abuse the dimensions of the Yankee Stadium to dispatch some Yankees whose offense is missing, they simply played clever baseball adapted to a ball that does not run in the same way as in previous years when hit.

Cora said in one of his press conferences prior to the series against Yankees: “The ball is not running (traveling distances after being hit). Now we must play as before, where the batter, instead of trying to hit the straight ahead, sits down to wait for the pitch and once inside makes the swing, because the holes are on the other side of the field (due to the formations defensive specials). Look at our best hitter, JD (Martinez), he’s not a home run hitter, he shoots them, but he’s just a good hitter. “

The results of Red Sox, which are largely a product of the head of Alex Cora, who has transformed the mindset and heart of one of the worst teams of the 2020 season and perhaps in the history of the organization. Adapting and creating tools to meet the needs has made them contenders.

It is something as simple as the aggressive mentality that Alex Cora bring the team with runners on base. The Red Sox They are the best team of MLB scoring runs after hitting runners, with 35 percent of his players reaching the plate after reaching on base. The Yankees they are the worst, at just 24 percent, being passive in many circumstances and risking little (or making questionable errors of judgment when running the bases), all in anticipation of the big hit.

We are seeing the “Alex Cora effect”, While Red Sox they play Chess in modern baseball, Yankees they keep playing ladies.