While Lozano played, Napoli gives Liverpool the best news

Lozano and the best news from Napoli to Liverpool
May 07, 2022 09:12 a.m.

The Mexican Hirving Lozano He was part of the starting team Napoli, who went out on the field of play in order to fight for the Serie A title, because he still had a chance that he could access the title.

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However, Napoli managed to win and put pressure on both Inter and AC Milan, in their intention to continue in the fight for the tournament. But while Napoli played, Liverpool received the best news about a potential transfer.

According to Il Mattino’s report, there is an interest of Liverpool by the Mexican player, so he could get out. But in addition to that, according to data from Kiss Kiss radio in Italy, Napoli would open up to sell Lozano, so they would even lower the price of the Mexican, in order to locate him.

How much does the Hirving Lozano pass cost?

According to the Transfermarkt portal, Lozano’s price reaches 35 million euros, an accessible figure, at this time, in the European market, for a top team.

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