Which tights for the blue dress?  5 Chic Styling Ideas |

Which tights for the blue dress? 5 Chic Styling Ideas |

Which tights go well with your blue dress depends on your skin color, the basic tone of the dress and the shoes. Several combinations are suitable.

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Which tights go with the blue dress

When choosing tights, make sure that they match the fabric weight of your dress. You can choose from many different models, from very thin to opaque tights. You choose the color according to the color of your dress, how your skin color shines through the tights and which shoes you want to wear.

  1. Sheer tights: Is the tights transparent, it lets the skin color of your legs shine through. To do this, you should try out in front of the mirror whether the dress color, skin color and color of the chosen shoes look harmonious. Also watch out for skin problems. Transparent tights, for example, reveal spots or varicose veins. It is particularly suitable for light blue dresses.
  2. Skin-colored tights: One skin-colored tights, which is woven semi-transparent, offers a neutral base to any blue in the dress fabric and chosen shoes. If you want to wear light-colored shoes with a blue dress, these tights are the best choice.
  3. Dark blue tights: There are tights in countless colors, including blue. With a dark blue tights you can’t go wrong with almost any shade of blue in clothing fabric. Play with the DEN sizes and try out the appropriate opacity.
  4. Black tights: Choose one black tights this fits particularly well if the dress is dark blue and you want to wear it with medium-light or dark shoes.
  5. Opaque tights: Nowadays you can buy tights that are woven opaque in every shade. Combine the color of the opaque tights with the color of the dress. If it’s dark, dark tights also go very well. A lighter shade goes better with light-colored shoes. The advantage of an opaque variant is that skin problems on the legs can be concealed. Usually they are also warmer on the leg.
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Which tights are suitable for your blue dress depends on numerous factors. imago images / agefotostock

This is how you put your legs in the foreground

If you have beautiful, long and well-formed legs, you can skilfully draw attention to them with tights.

  • Especially if the dress ends above the knees, you should choose transparent tights and wear heels.
  • You draw even more attention to your legs if the tights are black and patterned. The best example is provided by black fishnet tights.

Which blue suits my color type?

The color of the dress should match your skin type or skin tone. It also depends on the color of your hair.

  • As a person with a warm skin type, warmer shades of blue with a higher proportion of yellow suit you. A warm dark blue is recommended.
  • If you’re a cooler type, it’s better to use cooler shades of blue.
  • A dark skin type looks chic in a dress that is midnight blue or a blue that appears almost black.
  • If the skin type is very light, a washed out and light blue looks great. You should not wear blue dresses that are too dark.
  • If you would like to wear a blue dress, it is best to combine other items of clothing such as belts or shoes according to your hair color. The accessories should be similar to the hair color in terms of brightness.
  • Women in a blue dress and cool blonde hair are best combined with rhinestones and silver, white and cool pastel colors. Black, anthracite, bordeaux and bright red go well with a dark hair color. A warm blonde calls for beige, nude, camel, warm light blue or pink tones. Reddish to brown hair goes best with warm shades of beige, brown and camel and cognac.

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