Which one do you marry the most?? The artist Belqis answered without shame and shocked everyone with what she confessed without an ounce of shame!!

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The artist, Belqis, was recently a guest on the “Stages” program with the journalist Ali Al-Olayani, which is broadcast on SBC.

Belqis revealed the specifications of her dream knight, noting that she does not think of marrying again in this period, and that the knight of her dreams must be financially independent, supportive and accept her fame and not jealous of her work in art.

Belqis Fathi said, “I want a husband who will support me, be financially independent, supportive and accept my fame and not be jealous of my work in art, and not have a love of possession and control because these things do not appear at the beginning but after marriage when the doors close, which affects me psychologically.”

And she continued, “It is difficult to marry a rich man in exchange for leaving my job or losing my passion and love for art, but at this time I am very afraid of marriage.”

Balqis Fathi had suddenly separated from her husband, Saudi businessman Sultan bin Abdul Latif, in May 2021.

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