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According to a brief investigation and analysis of data from the digital platform of almost one million users in Spain, we can deduce that even what was once a worldwide boom, such as online shopping, were also affected.

This market analysis points to a change in the way of viewing «online shopping». Many assume that young people will benefit the most from technology and virtual shopping, but we were surprised to see that seniors had a significant increase in the list of those most interested in online shopping and discounts.

Young people are not the only ones interested

We can deduce that young people are not the only ones interested in modern technology, we dare to say that the percentage of greatest increase in online visits during the coronavirus crisis was the elderly, having an increase of 65%.

Young people continue to be the most interested users although during this pandemic, people 65 and older also showed interest in online commerce. This increase is due to a simple fact, the elderly are at higher risk and more likely to get sick.

As we can see, young people apparently do not take the situation with the same seriousness and in some cases ignore the use of masks and precautions. This motive forces the elderly to comply with the imposed regulations and adapt to the use of technology from home. We can observe an advanced adaptation, totally unexpected.

Older people adapt to technology

Although we all know that young people are much more advanced in the use of technology, during the pandemic we were able to appreciate and understand that people over 65 have a very high possibility of learning. Many were forced to use digital portals to make their purchases and take advantage of discounts on essential products, especially the female audience with 73% and the male audience with 27%.

User experience and the simplicity of websites seem to play a crucial role in the pace of technology adoption. The easier it is to understand the design of the website, the better results it will have with the older population. We can see that the population with the most influence on online shopping and discounts was the female population of San Juan over 65 years, according to its number of inhabitants.

Of course it was to be expected that the city of Madrid is the first since it has a larger population, then it is followed by the second most emblematic city in Spain, Barcelona. But definitely the women of San Juan were the most interested in online discounts during confinement.

The impact of the coronavirus in Spain

Almost 4 months after the arrival of the famous Covid, it is still present in Spanish territory, with new cases and the constant fear of citizens of a new outbreak and a new state of alarm. Here you can find everything related to new cases and regulations.

In conclusion, this pandemic leaves us much to analyze, especially regarding digital commerce. It is always understood that when we talk about technology we associate young people, but in Spain during the crisis other users of different ages demonstrated that technology is for everyone, it is ageless and they demonstrated their ability to understand and adapt to the modern world and their portals of online shopping, thus facilitating daily life and giving them the opportunity to buy their basic necessities with a single click.

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