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In the second quarter of 2021, Xiaomi ranked second with a 17% share and 83% year-on-year growth, beating Apple.

Canalys expressed that Xiaomi is now transforming its business model with initiatives such as consolidation of partners and more careful management in the open market.

Now, Xiaomi’s new goal is to displace the South Korean company Samsung to become the largest supplier in the world.

SAMSUNG vs XIAOMI vs APPLE in the global cell phone market

Lei Jun, founder, president and CEO of Xiaomi, public a letter to all employees after becoming number 2 in the world.

“It is a key milestone in Xiaomi’s history. After five years of self-improvement in extremely difficult conditions, the capabilities of Xiaomi’s products have been significantly improved: they paved the way for the premium market segment and increased their market share. Xiaomi will continually strengthen its core capabilities and consolidate its place as the second largest smartphone brand. “

And then continues:

“The world’s No. 2 means greater challenges and responsibilities for Xiaomi. This is the first time that we have reached this unprecedented level, and we will inevitably face many fierce and fierce battles ahead of us. Despite the celebrations now, I want to make sure that we can maintain our second place steadily and steadily in the future. We are honored to compete with the world’s most powerful and innovative companies at the top of the world stage. We are still very young and therefore have not accumulated yet Enough experiences; we must remain calm and humble. Our peers are our role models and our sharpening stones. It is this fierce competition that has propelled us all to advance each other. And through this, we can continue to hone and strengthen each other. .

In the past three years, we have outsourced a group of experienced and energetic senior executives. At the same time, we also promoted several young senior executives and many young general managers internally. This energetic team will provide Xiaomi with wise, open and strong leadership for the next decade. We recently unveiled our “Young Engineers Incentive Plan” by awarding 3904 outstanding engineers. We also launched a new 10-year incentive program for 122 technology experts, members of our New Decade Entrepreneurs project, and mid-to-senior executives. This Xiaomi team, the best of all time, proudly marches on its future journey with very high morale.

Xiaomi’s mission is to build amazing products with honest prices so that everyone in the world can enjoy a better life through innovative technology. ”


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