As before, the PlayStation 5 is sold out almost everywhere, not available and cannot be pre-ordered for the next PS5 stock batch. Although sales volumes are expected to rise again in the fall, the demand for Sony consoles remains high. But when the Sony console goes on sale, you have to be quick. It is usually sold out again within a few minutes. We show which pages you should keep an eye on for PS5 sales, which principles there are and what you sometimes have to consider in order to get one of the coveted PS5 consoles.

Tuesday PS5 Briefing: Where Can I Buy a PlayStation 5 Today?

After there were no major irregularities in the PS5 availability on the weekend and on Monday, the sensors should be set up again from Tuesday. Where can I buy a PlayStation 5 today?

October 12th (9:00 am): As part of a tariff bundle, the PS5 is currently available from Yello (electricity) and from 1 & 1 (DSL). We explain how these contract + PlayStation offers work below in the article. This week, new PS5 drops, even without tariff coverage, are expected. The last sales on Amazon and Otto were a comparatively long time ago. Here it is worth taking a recurring look at the PlayStation sub-pages. Last week there was quite a large sale of the Sony console on Tuesday at MediaMarkt and Saturn. From around 10:30 a.m. it might be worthwhile to take another look if the dealers start a new sale.

In addition, according to reports, Amazon and Otto are again on the line to sell some PS5 consoles. Since the last relapses were a few weeks ago, the probability of a bigger drop increases with each passing day.

There are always PlayStation 5 consoles to buy here

Especially in a bundle with one or even several games, the PlayStation 5 is available every now and then – and more often than the solo console with or without a drive. Buying a game – whether you need it or not – should therefore always be considered. Here are the usual suspects’ PS5 pages:

Because of the still high demand, there are still no noteworthy discounts on the consoles. In the meantime, a second controller is included from time to time, or game bundles as a package are cheaper than the sum of the individual prices. Otherwise, Sony’s recommended retail price applies: The PlayStation 5 costs 499 euros with a drive, and 399 euros for the digital edition. Accessories such as extra controllers, charging stations for them or headsets and cameras are meanwhile much easier to get.

With many of the retailers mentioned, you need a lot of patience even with a so-called drop. In order to coordinate and channel the mostly long, virtual queues, dealers rely on appropriate waiting pages. At Euronics, for example, there is a traffic light principle that provides information about the current state of demand. How exactly this system is, however, cannot be proven.

At Euronics you will be directed to this queue page before purchasing.

Tariff bundles: this is the easiest way to get to the PlayStation 5

The business with the Sony console has also been discovered by many mobile phone and Internet service providers and they are combining the purchase of the console with the conclusion of a contract. This is the easiest and most concrete way to get a new PS5 in a few days, but you have to pay significantly more overall. In addition, the offers can usually be ordered for days, while the online deals of the pure electrical retailers are often only available for a few hours or even minutes. In terms of price, the packages are only worthwhile if you are interested in and need a contract anyway.

The energy provider Yello is also attracting new customers with a PS5. If you take out a new electricity tariff with the provider, you can secure the PlayStation 5 (disc) including one year of PlayStation Plus for 199 euros.

You should keep an eye on these pages for the combination of mobile phone or internet contract and PlayStation 5:

You should generally be careful with smaller and unknown online shops. They currently want to do business with strong demand and are offering the PS5 and the matching digital edition at extremely expensive prices. If you are currently offered the Disc Edition of the PS5 at prices starting at just under 800 euros and the Digital Edition of the console for just under 700 euros, you’d better avoid such offers. Rip off alert! Notorious are dealers on ebay or ebay classified ads. But such offers are also repeatedly visible on platforms such as the Amazon Marketplace and with supposedly reputable brands such as Kaufland or Real. In the case of the latter, this is due to the fact that the shops themselves do not sell, but rather provide their pages as an online marketplace platform.

Win PS5? Open eyes!

The PlayStation 5 is – and it will be more and more towards Christmas – a popular lottery item. At inside digital, too, we are giving away a PlayStation 5 every now and then. Always keep an eye on our competition page and follow us on Instagram, where we last placed our PS5 competition. One or the other PlayStation 5 could also be hiding in our Advent calendar competition 2021.

Otherwise there is a promotion on Amazon Prime Video where you can win a PS5 (until October 19). Sony itself also has a raffle campaign in store: every third buyer of a Sony Bravia OLED TV (65 inches or more) receives a PS5 free of charge (until October 31).

Interested in more details about the PlayStation 5? We have compiled all further details about the new Sony console for you in a comprehensive PS5 guide.

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