Where is vaccination in the world? The point in two graphs

To date, experts agree that, alongside barrier gestures, vaccination remains the best way to curb the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

In Europe and elsewhere in the world, governments have adopted different strategies to immunize their populations. Where are we today? Which countries are ahead? Is vaccine inequality as marked as it is claimed?

In order to better appreciate the vaccination situation at the global level, we provide two infographics produced and regularly updated by Our World in Data: a map showing the percentages of the population fully vaccinated and a graph summarizing the proportions of the different types of vaccines administered, by country.

Proportion of the world’s population fully immunized

This percentage corresponds, for each country, to the proportion of the population which received all the doses prescribed by the vaccination protocol. This information is only available for countries that provide data distinguishing the administration of the first and second dose.

The figures correspond to the population fully vaccinated on day D, in a given country. The drop-down list located at the top right of the map allows you to focus the overview on the different continents. Finally, the cursor located under the map allows you to consult the previous months, and thus to visualize the evolution of the vaccination over time.

Doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccine administered, by laboratory

Doses are counted as a single dose. These figures may therefore differ from the number of people fully vaccinated, since some vaccines require the administration of more than one dose.

To display the data corresponding to a particular country, click on the “Change country” button and type in its name.

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