Where does the fat go after weight loss?

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Sunday 31 July 2022

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sawy:

Fat is formed as a result of excess calories in the body, and then the excess calories are stored somewhere according to the nature of each body and converted into stored fat.

Calories are the source of energy, as burning them helps the body to carry out its functions, helping the heart to beat and the lungs to breathe, according to the WebMD website.

How is the fat burning process?

The body needs to use energy and stored calories as fat to lose weight, and thus fat burning occurs, and this is done through diet and exercise. ?

Where does the fat go after it is burned?

When we lose weight, fat goes through a series of metabolic processes, where it is used so that a person can do all the movements during exercise.

Usually two minor components left when breaking down fats for energy are water and carbon dioxide, while the body uses all the other beneficial molecules that are activated from the fats. ?

The remaining water from the fat exits the skin as sweat or is eliminated through the urine, while carbon dioxide is excreted through the lungs.

Ways to boost fat burning

1- Calculating the number of calories the body needs, as it is possible to start working on setting a schedule with the appropriate foods and the number of calories gained throughout the day. ?

2- Find a favorite exercise, such as running, lifting weights, swimming, dancing, or others, but the important thing is that the person enjoys while doing so.

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3- Getting enough sleep at night, as this provides the body with the necessary energy and helps burn calories.

4- Eat food carefully and chew it well, and do not add extra calorie-rich meals.



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